Please stop giving people shit for not writing image descriptions. Typing can be hard enough for some of us as it is, having to type twice as much or even more than the toot itself can be a hellish prospect and we don't/can't always use accessibility devices.

One thing that really sucks about this is there's an expectation that you disclose you have a disability in order for not writing descriptions to be considered 'valid'. I shouldn't have to tell anyone my hands are screwed to be left to post images without threat of being scolded.


Instead of giving people shit for not including image descriptions, write an image description in the replies. It's better than nothing and by and far more productive than just giving a stranger shit on the internet.

@Lumb Exactly this. Probably a lot less energy too.

@Lumb @sophia and also Lynne created the OCR bot which can be helpful if it’s a mostly text image.

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